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slpova club :D

17th November, 2005. 8:28 pm.(i_asked_alice)

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i love this show. I'll un add myself if you wish. I just couldn't resist.

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10th July, 2005. 5:53 pm.(fuck_about)

pictures from our sleepover

it was fun :D

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4th July, 2005. 9:21 pm.(dr_ba)

I was at a mate's sleepover but at 10 o' clock all my mates started being really horrid to me so I got up in a huff and left. I only live about a street away so I walked home. To my horror I opened the door to find my 40-year-old mum doing bad things on the sofa with her boyfriend. Not a nice sight! Lol
Leanne, 14

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2nd July, 2005. 1:31 pm.(signal_jamied)


bring yr own poppy corn
bring a dvd
bring a blanket to slp with
bring a torch to go ghosthunting

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2nd July, 2005. 1:27 pm. i love the world (esept for mean ppl)(signal_jamied)

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14th June, 2005. 2:21 pm. msn slpova guide lol why they no talk about mean girls an poppy corn :((signal_jamied)

Essential ingredients:

1. Comfy jim-jams, comedy slippers or sloppy socks – this night isn't about glamour, it's about fun and relaxation.

2. All the latest celebrity gossip mags, such as Heat, OK! and Hello!, so you can reassure yourselves that even fabulously wealthy females get cellulite.

3. A selection of chick flicks.

4. Some simple and sophisticated nibbles.

5. Your most outrageous make-up. Gather together the livid pinks, metallic limes and day-glow oranges you bought in a moment of madness but have never worn for fear of scaring small children. This is the perfect time to experiment and, who knows, maybe a mate's frosted tangerine blusher will work wonders on you!

6. Manicure tools, a heap of different nail polishes and some face masks. This is also the perfect opportunity to deal with any – gulp – grey hairs you and your mates have, so tell them to bring along hair dye too if they use it.

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8th June, 2005. 9:42 am. A GOTS SOME THINGS FOR OUR NEXT SLPOVA!(signal_jamied)

I jst brought girl in lov 2 the other day and iam hook it so much fun to watch and its enjoyable jut lik book mine the charther look different from in my head but it jut as gd fun as the books if nt more and i came on amazon to buy the girls in lov 1 but they r sold out!!!!!!!! but i c they get girl in tears in gd gd CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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13th May, 2005. 2:06 am. hott boy(signal_jamied)


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13th May, 2005. 2:01 am. do you think josh likes me? omgheisSOcute!!(dr_ba)

Current mood: tired.

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13th May, 2005. 2:00 am. an it go a little sumfin like dis...(signal_jamied)

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